Agon Training

What Makes Us Tick

Bob Dylan once sang:

“He not busy being born

is busy dying.”

The thrill of confronting new ideas, the joy of mastering new skills … this is what keeps us “busy being born” - and re-born - throughout our lives.

At Agon, we love learning. And we embrace the principle of lifelong learning. Our name and logo represent the idea that the spark of knowledge springs from the clash of new ideas.

That’s why we believe in and practice interactive, participative learning, where you’re encouraged to immerse yourself in the learning process through discussion, debate, group work, and stimulating classroom activities. Assignments and projects are tailored to your workplace to make sure that you can apply what you’ve learnt in the classroom to the rough-and-tumble of the real world.

So join us - at least for a small part of your journey along the road of lifelong learning.